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Adagio Official Website

Adagio Is Proud To Announce The "franck Hermanny And Ibanez Basses" Trailer Post !


Adagio is proud to announce the "Franck Hermanny and Ibanez Basses" trailer post !

Franck instruments are both SR-5006E OL Prestige AND SR 706.

This trailer is a prologue to the next upcoming two videos Franck will perform , introducing the
brand-new SR2010ASC "Ashula" fretted/fretless bass.

"This hybrid, innovative and unique instrument by Ibanez  (Limited Edition) is the world’s first fretted/fretless hybrid bass guitar.
Four fretted strings to cover cool bass lines, and two fretless strings for more fluid and dramatic fretless solo work.
Ashula features a Light Ash body with 5-piece Jatoba/Bubinga neck,
with on board Ashula EQ.
The special humbucking Sonic Arch pickups are double coiled in a single-coil housing.
The best of both bass worlds !

GO hybrid with the SR2010ASC Ashula bass, only from Ibanez !"

The 2  HD format Ashula videos (including an Adagio song) should be available on IBANEZ Official site / Youtube in May first,and on Adagio's Official Youtube Channel..


Click here to see the video



Stphan Fort Announces Solo Album Name, Guests...


Stéphan is at the moment recording the guitars for his first instrumental solo album entitled: The Shadows Compendium
The album is planned for a release around the end of 2010. So far the confirmed guests are Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) Shrapnel artists Derek Taylor, Rusty Cooley and Motorhead's Phil Campbell. Some other guests will be announced shortly.

Photograph/graphic designer Perrine Perez Fuentes, who previously worked with Adagio for the re-edition of Adagio's live album "A Band In Upperworld" will be in charge of the artwork and photos of the album. (

Stéphan: " I am in the middle of the guitar recordings at the moment, so far it's going great ! I already received Derek's guest solo, which is of course absolutely insane, lots of shred and twisted harmonies, and I will soon be receiving Jeff, Rusty and Phil's solos. I am very honoured to have such talented friends participating to my album and I'm of course more than impatient to hear their incredible stuff. Some other prestigious guests will be announced soon."
So far the album features 9 instrumental songs, most of it is really heavy and of course very dark and shred oriented guitar wise.

Kevin Codfert will handle the mixing and recording duties, and of course all keyboards and piano parts.



Adagio Working On Upcoming Album


Stéphan Forté, Kevin Codfert and Mats Levén, are at the moment working on the composition of Adagio's fifth album at Kevin's XFade studio in Nanterre (France).
Stéphan: Hey everyone, here's some great news ! I'm at the moment at Kevin's studio working on the composition of Adagio's upcoming album, and for the first time, I will not compose the whole music and lyrics alone, as Mats, Kevin and the guys will also collaborate to the writing !! It will definitely bring a fresher sound to the band, and so far, the experience is awesome. Mats arrived here on Sunday, and we've started working right away on some ideas. Lots of great melodic vocal lines, heavy riffing and intense piano parts are coming naturally, so that's a very positive start...
Another big change, is since I've down tuned my Lâg 7 string to A for my solo album, I am now using that for Adagio's new stuff as well, so be prepared for some really heavy shit ;))



Adagio Contest ! / Undead Backing Track For Guitarists


The Archangels in Black "DeLuxe Edition" CD is available here:

Create your own Adagio Mix AND your own
guitar tracks (& mix) on Undead :!!!!!

Upload the separate tracks from the cd AND download this video (flv file)
and Mix the song THE WAY YOU WANT / record your guitar track as if you were STEPHAN FORTE playing with the BAND and post it on youtube !
(or send your link at )
All your posts will be featuring in 2 different playlists on our Youtube channel (MIX contest / Musician Contest)
Tell your friends :!!!!

The 2 winners will receive a cd/ or free Adagio T-shirt ..and more :!!
Whatever you play Note-for-note or not, the best (most interesting) performance will be noticed...
..................GOOD LUCK !!!!

Don't forget to subscribe :!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Here Is The Trailer For Adagio's "archangels In Black Deluxe Edition" Cd.


Here is the trailer for Adagio's "Archangels in Black DeLuxe Edition" Cd.

Available here:

...Ecxlusive Limited Edition Featuring a Never Seen Before Extra :
3 Multi-Tracks Songs from the Album

All you need to do is upload the tracks in your sequencer Cubase, Logic, or download Audacity for free here:
Change all levels for Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Drums exactly to your TASTE !!
You can also easily make solo transcriptions in no time !!!
Furthermore, Build up your own Adagio backing tracks an re-record the album tracks and post your links or videos to:
EACH submission will be carefully listened to, and a monthly winner WILL BE SELECTED TO WIN a free Tshirt and be featured on Adagio's official youtube Channel :::!!!!!!!



Stphan Lg Signature Special Interview


When did you first decide to create this SF II ?
Michel Chavarria and I started working together on the first seven strings prototype approximately 10 years ago.

How have you known Lâg and why did you choose this brand? Did you try other guitars?
Yes, I've known Lag for many years, and when my first guitar endorsement deal came to an end, I've had a proposal from Lâg to join their team. There has been no second thought as their guitars were awesome and on the human level, there was already a great friendship between Michel and I.

Concerning your Signature Model, what are the main differences between this model and your previous ones?
There has been 4 different prototypes. The first proto was the Beast Seven Pro, based on the Beast model which is no longer produced by the brand. The body was pretty heavy, and the neck quite thick. Then, we decided to go further, and Michel asked me to think about new ideas, something that would make that guitar different from the other 7 strings available on the market. I came up with a couple of ideas. First, the 27 frets. I wanted something that would allow me to reach the 24th fret without any problem, and possibly reach some higher notes. Then, I wanted the pickup selector and volume knobs to be right under my right hand, so I would not have to move it when I play, especially when I need to change the pickup position. That's when the circular selector idea came. That led to the second prototype, the SFI, it was already a big improvement, the body and the neck were way thinner and the controls were ideal. Then, I came up with some little changes we would need to make: the neck needed to be reinforced because of the extreme tension due to the 7th string and the 27 frets. We added 4 titanium truss rods in the neck. We also worked on a more profiled body and thinner neck. That was the 2nd version of the SF1, I have a purple one (with the red pickup ;) and a red one.
Then, 3 years ago, the idea was pretty much there. However, before producing it, I asked if we could make a last proto, going further in the profiling of the guitar and above all, to make the thinnest neck possible. The team worked very hard, and broke three wonderful necks because it was too thin. Eventually, the 4th one was the right one.

You’ve chosen to have Custom DiMarzio pickups, why such a choice, and how did your collaboration with this brand get?
When we were doing the SF1, Michel ordered a couple of different pickups to Di Marzio so that we could try them, and when he said it was for the signature model of one of their artists, they started asking questions about me and checked out my music and playing. They wrote back a couple of days later, and not only did they propose to endorse me but also to make the pickups the way I really wanted them. I was over the moon! So, I asked Steve Blutcher if he could just scoop the mids a bit more on the Blaze 2 pickup (neck position) and add more on the Tone zone 7. When we received it, it was exactly what I had in mind. Steve is a genius and an awesomely cool guy, thanks again to him and all at DiMarzio for this huge support.

Why have you made the choice of putting an incurved selector?
So that it could follow the right hand move when I'm playing

Why did you choose a satiny finish on the neck of your guitar? Does it help you to play faster?
The feeling is great. The varnish is very soft, plus I think it's way classier.

The neck is scalloped from the 18th fret, under the acutest strings. What does it bring to you?
A better control on the bendings. The space between frets is so small on this part of the neck that the scalloping helps a lot.

What does the ebony fingerboard bring to you? Is it mainly about the sound that it brings, or rather for the touch?
It's because this is the strongest fretboard wood, and because of the huge neck length, we needed something in Ebony. Plus as I have no marks on the neck, aesthetically, it's much nicer to have a black fretboard

It’s a very thin guitar but what is the weight of your signature guitar?

I do not know the exact weight, but it is way lighter than any other 7 string guitar I've tried so far. I can make a full show with Adagio without feeling any pain due to the guitar overweight.

Why have you chosen maple and mahogany for the body?
Michel decided this, because he has the absolute knowledge of these things, and I am not very familiar with the sound specifications of wood types.

Do you think your guitar is polyvalent enough to play other styles than metal?
Definitely, although of course, it is done for Metal, it has an incredibly nice clean tone, very brilliant. When the pickups are split, you have that kind of bluesy Strat sound when playing with very little gain, in crunch mode.

Are you proud of this guitar model or have you already planned to make another one in the future?

Of course I am proud of this guitar!! lol
No, the 7 strings will stay this way now, I think we've achieved the perfect instrument, at least for me. We are now working on a six string signature model. It will be quite different, I still do not know if we keep the 27 frets or not, maybe you guys could drop me a message on facebook and let me know your ideas about how you would see this 6 strings ;)

Lag has already sold some Korean versions of your guitar, but will the French ones be available soon?

It is available through Custom Shop. You just have to go to your local dealer.

Do you often use the split for Adagio or is that more for the pleasure of having it on your own signature model?
When I play clean or crunch, definitely. Plus the fact that the split is a push-push, makes the change very easy.

For which type of guitarist would you advise this guitar?
Mostly for Metalheads, and particularly for shredders who want to be extreme and push the limits of their playing. This is THE perfect shred guitar!!!

Interview by Rémi Schillinger



Lg Stphan Fort Signature Guitar Now Available !!!


After a long wait the Lâg GLV S1000, the Korean version of Stéphan's signature 7 strings guitar is now available in stores worldwide.
Of course, it is still possible to order the S3000 Deluxe version from your local guitar shop.
GLV S1000: 1399 Eur.
GLV S3000: 3300 Eur.

Find a dealer in your country:

LAG GLV S1000 Stéphan Forté full specs:

Body    Mahogany with Flamed Maple Top
Neck    Bolt On Hard Maple 7 String
Trussrod    2 Way
Fingerboard    Ebony
Fingerboard Radius     
Fingerboard Inlays    MOP Stephan Forte Signature
Fret Size    Jumbo
Fret Qty.    27
Machine Head    LAG Hi-Precision Black Satin
Pickguard    n/a
Pickup Qty.    2
Pickup Type    DiMarzio USA Stephan Forte Custom
Tremelo    Floyd Rose 7 String
Controls    1 x Vol, 1 x Tone (Push/Pull)
Selector Switch    3 Way Selector
Hardware Type    Black Satin
Finish Type    Gloss



Stphan Fort Working On Instrumental Solo Album!


Stéphan is at the moment in studio working on the composition of his instrumental solo album.

"It's been a very long time since I wanted to do this. I've started to work on the first ideas a couple of years ago and am now spending 100% of my working time on it. So far, 7 songs are composed and today I am in the middle of the 8th one. It will be around 9 songs I guess. Musically, it's very shred, dark and neoclassical oriented. The Metal influences goes from shredders such as Cacophony (Becker and Friedman) Haji's Kitchen, Derek Taylor, Scott Stine bands like Meshuggah, Dream Theater...There's a lot of Middle Eastern, Indian and Japanese traditional music elements mixed with a classical influences, going from romantic (Chopin, Liszt, et..) to some more contemporary composers such as Bartok, Prokofiev, Messiaen, Penderecki etc...
And of course it's massively Heavy ;) My Lâg is tuned down to A, and I might now use this for Adagio as well !!!"



Adagio Tour Diary #6 Online Official Youtube


Part 6 of Adagio diaries is now online. This part contains exclusive footage from barcelona and madrid during the Kamelot Tour. Get ready to follow the band Backstage, Live and in the bus during their spanish adventure...
Click Here to see the video



Adagio To Headline Fkrock Festival In Ukraine


Adagio will headline FKRock festival in Kherson/Ukraine on May 21st 2010. The last edition was headlined by "Within Temptation". Check out Within Temptation live at FKRock festival here: Click Here "After a succesful European tour supporting Kamelot, we're very happy to play in Ukraine for the first time. This festival seems to be one of the most important rock event in Ukraine and we're very much looking forward to meeting the Ukrainian metalheads next month. The show will be entirely filmed in HD as we're planning to release a DVD sometime next year. So far, we have a lot of video footage featuring some cool live stuff and above all, some very crazy moments (....particuarly in Japan and Spain ;) Of course, shows with Mats are awesome, we have had loads of fun together, both on stage and off stage. The last show in Belgium with Scorpions in front of over 6000 people was a blast. We're very much looking forward to playing the upcoming shows in Tunisia (May 15th) and Ukraine (May 21st) together again" Check out Adagio live in London with Mats : Click Here



Now Available !, Adagio "archangels In Black" Limited Edition De Luxe Version !!


After their very successful European tour with KAMELOT, ADAGIO are re releasing their latest album "Archangels in Black" , initially released in February 2009, with new packaging featuring slipcase and exclusive multi track content :

The album was produced and mixed by Stphan Fort and Kevin Codfert at Kevin's own studio in Paris. Bjrn Engelmann ( RAMMSTEIN, MESHUGGAH, etc ) did the mastering at Cutting Room Studios in Sweden. All in all "Archangels in black" is a powermetal masterpiece that has turned many heads in the scene !!!
ADAGIO are now offering the exclusive opportunity to remix three tracks from "Archangels in Black" : "Vamphyri", "Fear Circus" and "Undead". All you need to do is upload the tracks in your sequencer (Cubase, Logic or download Audacity for free here :, and change all levels for the bass, guitar, drums , vocals EXACTLY AS YOU WISH ! not forgetting being able to make solo transcriptions in no time !.
First 800 copies include a limited edition guitar pick signed by guitar maestro Stephan Forte, and kindly offered by LAG guitars ! . Thank you very much gentlemen ! To be released in on May 17TH. ORDER YOUR COPY NOW ON SHOP.LISTENABLE.NET !



Franck Hermanny Endorsed By Ibanez


We are pleased to announce that Franck Hermanny is now endorsed by the prestigious guitar/bass company Ibanez. He plays a SR5000E Prestige and SR 706.
Franck: "I am extremely happy and proud to join the Ibanez team as it was the first basses i played since so many years, back in 1991, i still have a little collection of SRs and Roadstars back from the old days! Whether style you're playing , the SR5000E Prestige has an accurate and precise sound,really polyvalent...With punchy lows, precise mids...The Ibanez 5000E is denitely the best instrument I've had the chance to play."



New Pics From The Tour !


Check out the new Pics from the 2 gigs ( Live at Koko and Elyse Montmartre) Clic Here !!



Adagio New Video


Adagio's new video online on myspace - Undead live @ Z7 Pratteln with Mats Levn : Clic here !!



Adagio European Tour Diaries !!!!!!!


Through Europe with Kamelot ! Here are Parts 1-5/ 10 (Belgium, Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland) Stay tuned for upcoming episodes: (...Spain, Germany, Belgium (PPM Fest w/ SCORPIONS !!!!!)
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5



Back From Kamelot Tour !!!


"Here we are !!! The awesome tour with Kamelot has come to an end, and we would like to thank of course Thomas, all the Kamelot guys and Kamelot's great crew for being so cool, every single day has been a blast !! Of course thanks to all our sponsors for the help and of course to the fans, for being so loud every nights. It has been a truely amazing moment to meet you guys in Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, UK and of course France, and we are now impatient to come back as soon as possible and kick your ass on a longer set !" You can watch some daily reports of the tour on Adagio's official Youtube Channel ( and tons of new videos and pictures will be posted very soon !



Exclusive New Artwork For


Both albums will be available in European stores on March 29thn and released through Sony distrubution in France. New artwork has been done by Alexandra Bach at Ravendusk Design who also worked on the booklet of "Archangels In Black" Stéphan: "Alexandra has once again done a wounderful artwork, which gives a new life to those albums. The Underworld new cover is in my opinion way more representative of the music than the original one. We are also very pleased about those re-release as until now, the live album was only available in Japan.Of course we'll bring a couple of those albums on tour next week, and looking forward to meeting all of you guys right after the show !

A Band iN Upperworld



Adagio Hires Swedish Singer Mats Levn For Kamelot European Tour.


ADAGIO hires swedish singer Mats Levén for KAMELOT European tour.
We are very pleased to announce that Swedish singer Mats Levén (Ex Malmsteen/Thérion) will join Adagio for their upcoming European tour in support to Kamelot.
Stéphan: "Mats is an incredible singer and performer, with a tremendous technique. His unique tone, both aggressive and melodic, fits Adagio's music wondefully. So, we're very much looking forward to meeting all of you guys next month on the tour with Kamelot.....We're fuckin' impatient to share a dark musical moment with you !!"
 Mats Levén official Myspace:



Adagio's New Myspace Now Online


Adagio's new myspace is now online. Thanks to Gustavo Sazes at Abstrata design for his awesome work. Leave your comments on the myspace and let the band knows what you think !!



Stphan Fort Joins Mesa Boogie !!!


We are very pleased to announce that Stéphan Forté is now endorsed by the prestigious amp company Mesa Boogie.
He plays a Dual Rectifier head and the new Mark V head. Cabs are Mesa Rectifier 4X12" with Celestion vintage 30

Stéphan: "I am extremely happy and proud to join the Mesa Boogie team as it represents the absolute definition of "Wall Of Sound" since so many years, and whether you're playing bluesy or thrashing like a maniac, the tone is simply pure, accurate and of course powerful as hell !!
By combining the crushing sonorities of the Dual Rectifier and the subtleness of the Mark V, the possibilities are endless. Beautiful low ends, incredible brillance, ....It has the most outsanding tone and the tightest response I've ever heard and had the chance to play."



Adagio To Support Kamelot On Upcoming European Tour


We are very pleased to announce that Adagio will support Kamelot on it's upcoming European tour from march 25th to April 9th.
Stéphan Forté : "We've had the chance to do a couple of shows as special guests for Kamelot on their  previous album tour, and it has been a truely awesome experience. Thomas and the whole band are some of the nicest persons we've had the chance to work with, and their show and music is absolutely incredible, we are very much looking forward to share the stage with them once again !"
Mar 25, 2010 Charleroi - BE - Le Coliseums | tickets - tickets
Mar 26, 2010 Tilburg - NL - O13 | tickets
Mar 27, 2010 Amsterdam - NL - Paradiso | tickets
Mar 28, 2010 London - UK - Koko| tickets - tickets
Mar 31, 2010 Paris - FR - Elysée Montmartr | tickets - tickets - tickets
Apr 01, 2010 Pratteln - CH - Z7 Konzertfabrik | tickets
Apr 02, 2010 Montpellier - FR - Rockstore | tickets - tickets - tickets
Apr 03, 2010 Barcelona - ES - Salamandra 1 | tickets
Apr 04, 2010 Madrid - ES - La Riviera | tickets
Apr 07, 2010 Dortmund - DE - FZW | tickets
Apr 08, 2010Köln - DE - Live Music Hall | tickets
Apr 09, 2010 Hamburg - DE - Markthalle | tickets



Adagio Albums Now Available On Itunes !!!


You can now download all the Adagio albums in very high quality on ITunes:



Adagio To Support Paradise Lost In December


Adagio will be supporting Paradise Lost on their upcoming french shows, billing as follow:

Paradise Lost/Samael/Adagio

Dec 14th - LYON- Tranbordeur
Dec 18th - COGNAC - Les anciens abbatoirs
Dec 19th - PARIS - Elysée Montmartre

Buy tickets here:

More shows to be announced very soon....



Adagio Confirmed For Sweden "rock At Sea" Festival November 20th


Adagio will be part of the "Rock At Sea" Swedish Metal festival on the Viking Cinderella ship on November 20th along with Molly Hatchet, All Ends, etc...

The ships takes 2500 passengers, four stages, 12 bars, 12 floors. The big
stage have room for 1200 persons.



Exclusif: Gagne Une Guitare Lag Dedicacee Par Adagio Au Hellfest !


Vous allez au Hellfest cette année, alors vous allez peut être avoir la chance de gagner une magnifique guitare  Lâg Arkane ............
Pour participer, rien de plus simple, il suffit de répondre à ces deux questions et de nous envoyer le numéro de votre ticket Hellfest  par email à :
-Sur quel album figure la chanson "Undead" ?
-En quelle année est sorti le premier album d'Adagio
Le gagnant sera annoncé le Vendredi 12 Juin à 13.00 sur le myspace d'Adagio
La guitare lui sera remise par les membres d'Adagio et l'équipe de Lâg, sur le stand Lâg situé au carré VIP du Hellfest juste aprés le concert d'Adagio le 21 Juin.



Adagio Tour + London


A new show has been added to the tour : London (UK) - October 24th - Purple Turtle
Also on the bill To-Mera

May 23rd - Brasov (Romania) - Suburban
May 30th - Lyon (Fr) - Transbordeur
June 20th - Denain (Fr) - Palais des sports
June 21st - Clisson (Fr) - Hellfest
October 24th - London (UK) - Purple turtle

Base Agency:
Office : Tel: +33 (0) 557 591 170/ Fax : +33 (0) 557 591 172
Email :
Adress : 74 Rue Georges Bonnac - Tour n°6 - 33000 BORDEAUX FRANCE



New Adagio Shop Online !!


The new official shop is finally online. You can now order every adagio album, T-shirts, accessories....It's safe and easy via paypal, just one click and you'll receive your oder dierctly through your mail box anywhere in the world !!! For more info or direct orders, please visit the Adagio Crypt Official Shop here



"the Fear Circus" 1st Official Video Have Been Posted Online


"The Fear Circus" 1st Official Video have been posted online

on the band' s official Youtube channel at this adress :

on the band's official Myspace TV at this adress :

Directed by Olivier Cossu
2009 ©& (p) - Sanctusign is Publishing



Adagio En Concert Au Nouveau Casino !!


A l'occasion de la sortie du nouvel album, Adagio donnera un concert spécial "Archangels In Black" à Paris au Nouveau Casino le Mercredi 25 Fevrier 2009.
La place est au prix unique de 18.70 Eur. et disponible dès maintenant dans les points de vente habituels. Le nombre de places étant lilmité, vous pouvez aussi reserver tout de suite en cliquant ici. La première partie sera assurée par l'excellent groupe de Metal Prog Londonien To-Mera. Plus de news trés bientôt.




Adagio's New Track Vamphyri Unveiled For Halloween !!!


Vamphyri' , the first track from ADAGIO 's new album 'Archangels In Black' , will be available for streaming from ADAGIO 's Official Myspace from Friday, October 31 at 9 :00 AM French Time (8:00 a.m. UK time, 3 :00 a.m EST).

Also, 4 Archangels In Black trailers, each featuring a sample of a new song will be posted very soon. Check out ADAGIO 's official myspace this week ( and be the first one to see it !




Adagio Unveils "archangels In Black" Artwork And Tracklisting


Listenable Records has set a February 2nd 2009 release date for Adagio's new album "Archangels In Black" in Europe and Australia The main cover artwork (click here) has been done by artist Guilherme Sevens.

Without being a concept album, ?Archangels In Black? evokes the band's convictions about a certain Nightside philosophy and a very personal approach of life and death: ?Darkness is a concept with many branches, often misunderstood from outside, but elemental for some kind" Stéphan says.

Archangels In Black Tracklisting :

01- Vamphyri
02- The Astral Pathway
03- Fear Circus
04- Undead
05- Archangels In Black
06- The Fifth Ankh
07- Codex Oscura
08- Twilight At Dawn
09- Getsu Senshi




Adagio Signs With Listenable Records


Adagio has just signed with Listenable records (Gojira, Immolation, etc...) for the release of their upcoming album "Archangels In Black" in Europe and Australia. Release date has been set to February 2nd 2009.

The album has been produced and mixed by Stéphan Forté and Kevin Codfert at Kevin's own studio in Paris during 4 months. Björn Engelman (Rammstein, Meshuggah, etc?) mastered the album at Cutting Room mastering studios in Sweden.



Franck Hermanny Clinics At Paris Music Expo


Franck will do some clinics for Mark Bass amps at Paris Music Convention, Friday September 12th at 14.00 and 17.00 on the Mogar Music booth. (Paris Expo Porte de Versailles Hall 4) He will also introduce his new instructional bass DVD's ADAGIO Bass Licks and Hot Bass licks. DVD will be available in pre order.



Adagio Completes Mastering Of "archangels In Black"


Master of the new album has just been completed.
The mastering has been done by Bjorg Englemann (Rammstein, Meshuggah...) at Cutting Room Mastering studios in Sweden earlier this month. "Bjorn did an amazing job, the result is heavy as fuck and make the songs even more powerful !!! We're a 110 % happy with the result"

Archangels In Black is set to be released in January 2009 in Europe and Australia. Name of the new label will be announced in the coming days.




Stephan Fort Masterclass With Matthias Eklundh, Patrick Rondat...


Stephan Forté, Matthias Eklundh, Patrick Rondat, and Christophe Godin will give two days of masterclass at "Tous En Scène" in Tours from July 5th to July 6th. Click here for more infos




Adagio Live At Paris Music Fair !!


Adagio will play in Paris on the main stage at 17.30 at the Annual Paris Music Fair. Dates, Venue and Opening times Dates: Saturday 9 to Tuesday 12 September 2006 Venue: Paris Expo , Porte de Versailles , Hall 3 Opening times: Saturday to Monday from 10am to 7pm, Tuesday from 10am to 6pm Opening reception (by invitation): Friday 8 September starting at 7pm Rates Ticket (valid for one visit): ?10 Reduced rate: ?5 (for under-18s on presentation of ID)



Adagio To Play At Raismes Festival


Here is the final line-up Saturday Sept 9th: Epica, Freak Kitchen, Dagoba, Watcha, Green Carnation, Pure Inc., Marlyn's Sunday Sept 10th: Edguy, Adagio, Andromeda, Crucified Barbara, Axxis, Leaves eyes, V8 Wankers The running order for the two days has not been decided yet.




Welcome To The New Official Website !


Yes , the site was closed during one week, and you probably wondered why ! No Adagio is not dead !!! We just wanted to do something more attractive and clearer, where you can easily find all the information you need about Adagio. So we wish you a good time and feel free to leave your comments to the band and fans on the Forum Page.





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